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Solo Girl Squad is the original speed friend date event series and social club that bridges the gap between social isolation and social connection by bonding women together for friendship and collaboration in their city. No matter your situation or life goals, we rescue you from days alone by giving you chances to explore your city while making deeper connections to best friends you haven't met yet!


I've never been one to traverse down the path of exhibitionist. Which is saying a lot coming from Miami Beach! I would have fit in a thousand times ever had I just flashed all my goodies at all times. As an introvert, that was as likely to happen as Trump becoming president. We interrupt this programming for newsworthy updates: He is president. Oh!

Well in that case, time to let our freak flags fly hi. My kind of exhibition is a bit more humble and modest to be sure. Talent shows always had a subtle air of allure. They never felt too exclusive - anyone with a talent, natural gift, or passion could show the world their goods. Gone are the days of childhood fanfare, but no one said the camaraderie had to end there. Let's bring back a good ol' fashioned talent show for the modern age.

To kickoff Solo Girl Squad 2.0, we’re launching a nostalgic rendition of everyone’s favorite day during grade school: Show + Tell! If there is one thing I’ve been honored to witness firsthand is how incredibly talented our members and event attendees are. Bordering on stalker inducing, really. From lady bosses to UX designers, scholars and au pairs, world travelers and everything in between, every single woman deserves to show off a little bit and be celebrated for just being who they are.

In this new event edition, we’ll be hosting an intimate experience to remind ourselves we all are works in progress. You can feel free to show off your portfolio of new photo prints, get feedback on a website launch, pass around pages from a fresh manuscript…the sky is the limit! Or, feel free to bring nothing but a kind generous spirit to support others and come for the free food and lively atmosphere, ain't no one judging girl! You might spot one of your idols or favorite female creatives, you never know. This is also where magic happens for ladies seeking collaborations or mentorship. So many fruitful partnerships have blossomed from within our tribe.

Work In Progress editions are a cowork experience held once per week in your city on Tuesdays…because, um, Taco Tuesdays! Hell yeah.

What: Work In Progress Cowork with taco buffets, speedy wifi, and everything included in our signature popup coworking

When: Tuesdays 12-5pm

Where: Register for your city and grab a ticket here!


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