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Solo Girl Squad is the original speed friend date event series and social club that bridges the gap between social isolation and social connection by bonding women together for friendship and collaboration in their city. No matter your situation or life goals, we rescue you from days alone by giving you chances to explore your city while making deeper connections to best friends you haven't met yet!

Hey girlfriend!

Welcome to Solo Girl Squad 2.0. We’re in the midst of some humble, yet mighty changes, so I want to personally welcome you to the squad by giving some backstory, and showing you around our new minimalist online home for the rest of this year.

After connecting hundreds of women with new friends and collaborators, I think I’ve learned quite a bit about what it’s like to be a modern day woman whose maniacally busy, but isolated all at the same time. I’ve seen ladies laugh and cry together, women blossom from a shy introverted butterfly to a loyalist fan showing up for all events, college girls breaking bread with mature divorced mothers, and best of all new lifelong connections manifesting right before my eyes. Every single event, gathering, and sold out meetup I have meticulously designed to be an unforgettable experience has all collected into a wonderful recipe stirring together motivation, epiphanies, and feedback. The result? Fresh from the oven clarity that Solo Girl Squad needs more than just momentary events - we need a vehicle of lasting change to combat isolation, starve mental illness that ensues from lack of social bonding, and empower all our girls to foster true connections both locally and beyond.

If you’re anything like me, life gets in the way of so many goals. But what does that even mean? Nothing is a destination, life is happening every woken moment. Self care, wellbeing, and including social connections every single day IS life. And as women we forget that in heroic fashion. Promising to follow up to someone only after a deadline, or waiting to go out for girl’s night once the kids grow up. Madness. Instead, I want to make it irresistible for any woman to turn down the experience of meeting likeminded friends, and taking time out for themselves so you can rediscover what lights you up and people who get excited at the thought of meeting you, even if it blends work with play! I’ll be here designing an array of experiences to expose you to community that fits your personality + lifestyle. That’s what sets us apart. Bringing personalized community to you! You can call us your friend dealer. And damn, we’re addictive.

Being truly irresistible begins here and now with what I feel cures most woes: minimalism. I’ve closed down our old website for the year, and instead you’ll find everything you need to know about Solo Girl Squad and our upcoming gatherings here in our spruced up new home. Easy on the eyes, good for the soul.


  • personalized one-to-one friend, mentor, or collaboration matchmaking
  • intimate bonding group experiences tailored to your level of introversion or extroversion
  • monthly BossHaus gatherings
  • access to exclusive savings and discount perks
  • newsletters to keep you motivated

Female friendships are totally underrated. Who else will meet you for a hike at the crack of dawn without complaining, or walk your dog for you after a bad breakup leaves you disabled? Who else inspires your motivation for better health and has the best accountability built in? A girl friend does all of that and more! Solo Girl Squad is a community of like-minded women that motivate and inspire each other to meet in the real world and create empowering bonds. You may ask, why?

this is what isolation can do to us:

   socially anxious
    extreme introversion

this is how Solo Girl Squad combats isolation:

  holistic wellbeing
      truth slangin' story sharing

Bowling shoes at work is weird. Craving deep connections with fellow humans? So not weird! Unfortunately having a lack of amazing close friends is the new normal. So stop hiding. We got you. Now let's give you a tour around our new digs! #Judgement-free zone


Type in our address or save us as a bookmark! No matter how you arrive, when you land you’ll be graced with our most recently added events hitting a city near you.

Tip: Want city-specific updates? Gurrl, I've got you covered. That’s what our inbox love is for. Come sign up for free now!


Curious minds want to know how our community has taken off into a revolution! Visit the Our Story tab above to learn more about our mission, vision of the future, and of course, I had to throw a first-person biography on there for good measure.


I’ve designed the events to be much easier on the eyes, in a Ryan Gosling kind of way. Peruse at your heart’s content. Read descriptions and book easily. And don’t forget, we are known for our signature matchmaking experience! Every single event will always include One-to-one matchmakng: Receive customized one-to-one friend matchmaking with someone who shares your interests, life goals, creative endeavors, motivation for overall wellbeing, plus good 'ol fashion talking on the phone!

Tip: For almost everything you see here, there is a comment section so you can interact with our ladies and see community form before or after any event.


Through our products, we create transformational experiences for women to pursue their work, passions, ideas, and healthiest best self. Our popup spaces and members community help manifest this in the spirit of a nourishing retreat. We like to call it a workation!

Our vision for Solo Girl Squad is to empower self-made women to achieve work-life balance and build purposeful friendships + communities in which together we can connect, collaborate, mentor, and be inspired.

As you can see, we have quite the shoes if we aim to touch thousands of women with our mission.

Just one tiny problem.

I’m only one body. And a human one at that!

I never claimed to know it all, and that will always be the case, but it has been my delight trying to figure it out as I go in order to bring you something I know can truly change your life - and that’s community.

With Love,


PS- Have a female-centric business our girls will love? Reach out to me directly at letitia @

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