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Solo Girl Squad is the original speed friend date event series and social club that bridges the gap between social isolation and social connection by bonding women together for friendship and collaboration in their city. No matter your situation or life goals, we rescue you from days alone by giving you chances to explore your city while making deeper connections to best friends you haven't met yet!


Who will I meet at your popup event or coworking session? 

When you attend one of our Solo Girl Squad gatherings you can expect to meet women just like you. Our events are filled with creative, ambitious, and selfmade women, Girls that our attracted to our tribe are usually vibrant creatives, young working professionals, digital nomads, and female founders of small businesses defining their own standards of success.

What can I expect from Solo Girl Squad? 

You can expect our signature personalized one-to-one friend, mentor, and collaboration matchmaking that started it all, bonding group experiences, monthly Socials, BossHaus popup coworking, weekly newsletters, and exclusive perks at thousands of premier locations local to you courtesy of our supportive partners.

I heard there's an app for that! Where can I download the Solo Girl Squad mobile app? 

We offer the mobile app currently just to our members-only community. As such, we make sure each new member of our community is vetted to keep the tribe safe and empathetic. Once you join us as a member by attending any of our events, you will get download instructions sent to your email for downloading our mobile app.

Ok these experiences sound badass! What kind of events do you host? 

Solo Girl Squad hosts one-of-a-kind events for both members and the public. As a member you will experience events like… Sailing Founders Mixers for the summer, CoWorking Mixers, and MatchMaking Mixers. To find what events are being held feel free to check out all the events listed in our Events tab located on our website.

Wow, that sounds like it might break the bank. How much does it cost to attend a Solo Girl Squad event? 

Our event experiences are always an affordable way to uniquely expand your social circles, ranging from only $30-$80. The price of an event depends on the type of event and location. For more information on events please visit the events tab on our website.

What if I want to host a Solo Girl Squad event in my city? 

Our local Host Ambassador opportunities are coming soon! Feel free to reach out regarding your interest using the contact form on our homepage.

Where do you currently host popup events? 

Currently we host events in the following cities, with more cities launching every month: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berlin, London, Copenhagen. Please continue to check back with us regularly as we are working on holding our events in other cities across the world very soon!

Why is it girls only? 

No offensive to bro culture, but we wanted something a bit more nurturing, vulnerable, familiar, and empowering. Femininity never hurt anyone! When we miss our male counterparts, there are thousands of places to still find them!

Why can't I just sit my ass at home and continue working alone or making friends on Facebook? 

Well, simple: how has that been working for you so far? You're reading this for a reason. You didn't come across these words by chance. You came here because of intuition and a drive to be your best self. If you think breakthroughs are entirely a product of chance, you’re wrong. You can carve out intentional opportunities and relationships that produce more rewards in your life than going it alone ever will. We are, after all, better together.

I'm shy, introverted, anxious, or intimidated in social environments. Especially around women making big things happen. Will there be others like me? 

Of course! Instead of asking what people do, in our community we ask you are working on, what you may be struggling with, or even what you need help with at this moment. Solo Girl Squad is for women, by women, and especially those who feel like the underdog or outcasts in any shape or form.

Are there any rules I should follow to participate in the community? 

Nope! The rule is, there are no rules. At least not ones that extend beyond common sense. This is all for you, so make of the community what you will. We respect the quiet and breathable space of others who are nurturing their ideas, so please keep that in mind. Boundaries are invisible, but they do exist. We expect that you genuinely want to be with us, so being present, collaborative, and participatory will be your best karma. If you need further insight into how we conduct ourselves, take a gander at our MANIFESTO here.

Just one last thing, you can just choose a venue and settle down. Why pop ups? 

"I’m not in the real estate business. I’m in the people business." -Letitia Elizabeth
Our popup events and coworking experiences create a sense of wonder and comfort knowing that we are safe among friends, especially those we are yet to meet. It is the experience of being at home away from home. Stuffy, corporate, sterile environments are not conducive to that vision. Buying local spaces to renovate and confine ourselves in does not fit our vision. We hand-pick and curate spaces that will excite, inspire, and encourage our ladies to be their best self without feeling committed or guilty. Ever.

Your mission is so powerful. Surely you pay it forward! What charities does Solo Girl Squad donate to? 

Solo Girl Squad currently supports and donates to Hope For Depression Research Fund, the only charity of its kind! We are so proud to support the much-needed work they do for anyone with a beautiful silent struggle.

I still have a thousand other questions. How can I get in touch?

Woah there tiger, sounds like you're our kind of girl! Please email letitia @ and we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have!


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