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Ever heard the saying you are the average of the five people closest to you...

Solo Girl Squad is a curated event series + members collective that makes selfcare a priority, holds space for only the authentic and none of the bullshit, and bonds women together for friendship and collaboration. You'll see us laugh together, cry together, then grab brunch after a spin class.

Solo Girl Squad is your new home for finding a non-judgmental tribe to embrace introversion or combat isolation and anxieties, by focusing on your wellbeing as much as your work. Whether you're a digital nomad, working gal, mother, single divorcée, or anything in between. In our tribe, every woman with a life goal finds a friend who "gets it".

We are the new way to connect. Read our MANIFESTO here.

We reimagine how women make friends

The Solo Girl Squad community was founded on the belief that while life is taking everyone to new places, new directions, new cities, new life stages, and separating us from old childhood friends, the more important it is to take a break and make a new friend. With mental health issues rising and rates of loneliness increasing in a society that’s “always on,” we believe that taking a break and cultivating friendships is a crucial part of what wellness means for women. Solo Girl Squad is not just a brand, lifestyle, or community - we are a MOVEMENT. We serve women of all ages, walks of life, and creeds who are seeking connection, friendship, strength, hope, inspiration, and joy from being in the presence of like-minded women. We are losing the ability to prioritize connecting, but we all have that power within us to connect. We just need the space and encouragement to do it. Read: "Why I Gave Up Everything To Launch An App To Find Friends" by our founder Letitia for the full story.


I've been lauded as a highly accomplished young female entrepreneur. By 22 I was publishing an international newsstand magazine, went on to become founder of two successful luxury brands that landed me great fanfare on news networks and the front page of the NY Times business section, designed an eponymous collection of gorgeous home fashions, developed two mobile apps without knowing a thing about code - all with no sight of slowing down yet. 

While it sounds like any girl's dream, I knew I was more than my successes. I am a catalyst for change. I set out to change the stigmatized view of loneliness and isolation for women.

You may be wondering why. Well, because stigma and judgement and marginalizing people for their gender or race is so 90s. And because I've been there. 

I AM there. 

As a female founder, I was getting sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Being isolated while focusing on work work work plus everyone else's definition of success 24/7 was making me depressed. All the compliments in the world can't shield you from a decade of anxiety. Over the years I've mastered the art of connections and creating my own little community. I want to now share that gift with others, along with the many stories of brave women embracing their longing for new friendships and a tribe of their own. 

 I hope you join us.

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