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Solo Girl Squad is the original speed friend date event series and social club that bridges the gap between social isolation and social connection by bonding women together for friendship and collaboration in their city. No matter your situation or life goals, we rescue you from days alone by giving you chances to explore your city while making deeper connections to best friends you haven't met yet!


Incredibly thoughtful words of praise from our event attendees and members. We haven't paid our girls to say nice things, we ONLY bribe them with hugs! Wink.

Lovely to meet like minded ladies in a new city! Wonderful set up to get to know each other before the brunch and great organisation! -Pranali R., Berlin

I truly enjoyed the concept of meeting other women, doing yoga and having a healthy brunch. All of the ladies were welcoming and friendly and I had a lovely time. I appreciate having a welcoming space for a mum with a small child. -Iwona Helms, Berlin

The event had a lot of potential. I liked being matched with other women, as it made making small talk and getting to know the others a little easier, especially for an introvert like me. And I hit it off with one of my matches, so hopefully we'll get together again. That was one of my main goals in attending, to meet new friends. The yoga was very nice and enjoyable - great teacher. The brunch was delicious - healthy, tasty and just enough of a portion. It was a little strange that we all had different meals, though. In the end we shared some between us, but I would have preferred all the plates to be the same, or have a bit of each meal on them. Either way, it's a great initiative. It's already a lovely way to spend a weekend day, and an excellent effort to get women together and encourage healthy living. Thanks very much for the experience! -Sherri Williams, Berlin

Beautiful event with food, yoga, and new connections. Letitia is the best! -Elena P., Berlin

Letitia is gifted at connecting and making magic happen. Her network of incredible women offer support, collaboration, and vulnerability for creative women all over the world. My brunch friend match was Ari, who I loved meeting. She and I have since collaborated and have become kindred Chicago friends. She is a fabulous connector and networker. I was able to contribute to her event and support women and becoming their own publicist. Thanks to the Girl Squad network we were able to connect. Thank you Letitia for my match! -Isabelle Rizo, Chicago

Fantastic brunch and yoga afternoon. Well organised and fortunate to meet a great group of like-minded ladies. Letitia does a wonderful job at organising these events, highly recommended. -Nettie, London

WOW. JUST WOW!! Letitia Elizabeth, you ROCK ❤️ You poured your heart and soul into your members newsletter you amazing woman! I feel so blessed to be apart of your dream! I am humbled and awe-struck. Thank you for uniting this tribe of amazing, talented women!! Your app is definitely going to take the cake!! It's your why and the purpose of the app that makes it so amazing! It's not just another app, it full of your love, and blood, sweat and tears ❤️ Creating meaningful and long lasting connections is a beautiful idea! I'm so freaking excited to see what the future will bring!! Im so inspired by you!! 😘 -Tiffany Moreland, Canada

You are an amazing authentic woman. So glad to know you. I'm anticipating the app! What a great vision. -Jessica Christian, Atlanta

Fun day with really nice ladies. The location chosen to eat was really amazing as well. -Laurianna, Berlin 

Can I hug you and buy you a drink? Seriously. Keep being amazing. You inspire strangers you've never met, but who's souls you speak to with your words. Black girl magic is all over you. Keep sparkling. You're doing a wonderful thing. If you ever doubt it or feel tired or like giving up, email me. I'll cue the cheerleading and Team Letitia for President banners. -Debbie Campbell, Houston 

Hey Letitia! This just needs to be said: you and this amazing idea is the total bomb dot com. I mean that so sincerely. It's finally time to have beautiful open and honest conversations about what we all deal with on a regular basis. So thank you for following your call and allowing so many amazing women to be a part of it :)  - Anni K., Los Angeles

I'd love to become a member! Femmeboss [by Solo Girl Squad] is exactly what I've been looking for after struggling with depression and social anxiety since running my business solo from home for the past three years. I need to know if it's available in my city ...I would sign up even if there is one other person here. Please tell me yes, I need this!! -Aubree

Thanks for organizing such a lovely sailing event on the ocean.  Hope to see you at a future event soon. -Kathryn E., Los Angeles

It was great meeting you this weekend! That was a really wonderful a event and so inspiring to see you putting it together, I don't know if I could have coordinated something like that - especially from out of would be great to stay in touch! -Katy M., Los Angeles

The event you hosted a couple months ago in SF was awesome! I'm still thinking about it!! I really enjoyed it so much. I'm definitely interested in going to more pop-up events in the future. -Aya Spencer, San Francisco


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